Turn Up the Volume on Media Diversity
Joanna Chiu

As a journalist in my mid-20s, I should have plenty to feel confident about. After getting a master’s degree in journalism from an Ivy League university, I moved to China, where I worked for a national newspaper and went on to my current job as a foreign correspondent at an international news wire.

My ethnicity and language skills

Ayesha Mian AkramUnveil Fears, Not Women
Ayesha Mian AKram

In March, Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated that the practice of covering one’s face with niqab—
veiling that leaves only the eyes visible—is “rooted in a culture that is anti-women.”

sexual harassment, sexism in media, sexual assaultSexual Harassment as Bloodsport
Penni Mitchell

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky was just 22 when the world learned about her sexual relationship with U.S. President Bill Clinton. Although Lewinsky and Clinton each paid a high price for the
liaison, the cost to Lewinsky was distinctly gendered.

anti-feminist women, against feminismPussies Against Feminism
Lyn Cockburn

They’re mostly well-educated, young and female, and they want us to know that they don’t need feminism.

joanna chiuChinese Feminists Jailed
Joanna Chiu

I recently had lunch in Shanghai with a young woman who helped to put on plays to raise awareness about gender inequality in her community. In a small offi ce in Beijing, workers at a women’s rights group showed me how they used social media to combat domestic violence, such as by sharing a powerful photo of three women marching in blood-

drawing of Jeanne Mance, administrator of Montreal's first hospital.Recommended Reading
Fabulous Historians + Activists

We didn’t have room for all of the books we wanted to recommend on women’s history in our latest special issue on Women Who Changed Canada, so here are some more! (There's a PDF of these books attached at the end of this post if you want to see the book jackets, too)

A Brief History of Women in Quebec,Wilfrid Laurier