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spring herizons
How to Indigenize Pop Culture
Stephanie Cram
Spring 2020

Sonya Ballantyne is a lot of things: a filmmaker, a writer, a motivational speaker, a podcaster and yes—even an official Barbie role model.

When she was first contacted by the Mattel...

winter herizons
Buzzed on Diversity
Winter 2021
Winter 2020

Like many other business sectors, the Canadian cannabis industry is male dominated. However, years after Ottawa passed the Cannabis Act, a growing number of female entrepreneurs, including many...

summer 2020 herizons
Intimate Acts and Everyday Rebellion
Shawna Dempsey
Summer 2020

As social animals, we like being together: we watch each other, listen to each other, and share in witnessing. It goes without saying that when we are together, we feel less alone.


Herizons winter 2020 cover
Dionne Brand: Pushing Boundaries on the Literary Landscape
Evelyn C. White
Winter 2020

The distinguished poet, novelist, essayist, editor, activist and filmmaker Dionne Brand has claimed many of the nation’s most prestigious literary awards. When she was...

fall 2019  cover
Transforming Transphobia
Megan Butcher
Fall 2019

For 17 years, Vivek Shraya has been blazing a trail through pop culture, breaking boundaries between genres with apparent ease. This includes the release of 15 EPs and full-length albums as a solo...

herizons summer 2019
Not Over It, Not Fixed and Living a Life Worth Living: A Disability Justice View of Survivorhood
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Summer 2018

Recently I was auditioning a new therapist, who asked me, in all sincerity during the intake, if I thought the therapy I’d gotten in my 20s had “resolved my childhood sexual abuse....