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Although he was always calm smile, but under the smile, she was aware of his bitter and tired. Severely impact both sides, and that the rapid collapse of the lava pillar of fire, filled the magma sputtering, Chill spiritual power Cuikulaxiu red ball of light, the last place in the center of the earth explode inflammation dragon lizard. Obviously not an ordinary friendship between the two Los glass quietly knelt in front of the dust, animal husbandry, slender black hand holding a sword. If it fails, links the two, will also fail, no chance of success. In the previous two days to kill when they reveal the order. That some of the strength of the people of God throughout the soul behind to see this scene, but it is felt some concern, although they do not know how much the front of this black dress girl, but thank crown their performance, is clearly extremely even fear of fear she was." "You should not kill him. On the petals, there seems to be a magical purple color lines emerge, followed by direct injection of these lines, like a purple-colored large network, the jiu bird enveloped in them.

That figure in the forefront of many, Xie crown trio also cold eyes locked with dust, animal husbandry, figure, palm hearts surging power, to want to sell. Xie crown look for a change, it actually has a relationship with dust, animal husbandry, Los glass? How can it be." Dust, animal husbandry, froze down, smile: "Will not be too hard a point" "You little campy, though you through practice can enhance human life, but unless you practice extremely high level, or to say that the normal death, absolutely you die first. cheap nhl jerseys for sale "The fine soul to pay out!" That among the fastest with a three figure, under the flash is not appeared in the distance, the sound Lenghe ring from the sky, three strands powerful spiritual force the outbreak of open, shrouded in dust to animal husbandry." Girl black dress that looked serious fine cheeks, slim teenager stunned, smile a cry, and said: "This guy, people really envy ah I sent point people go with you. And in between dust, animal husbandry, thinking, his body suddenly heard a muffled explosion, immediately feel a surge of vibration from the body diffusion open. For her this manner, the presence of these strong but no one believes what she Jiaokuang, because she is the front of this order reveal hit day, just let them have a chance to get.

It seems that there is some difficult people ah. She ignored the crowd, came in front of the dust, animal husbandry, gently knelt down. Nearly two years gone, he seems to have become increasingly mature some, on that master in the face. "Sure enough, pretty harsh." Luo glass eye gently swept the crowd, so that they get a cold heart, was actually not the slightest resistance. Xie midair crown they saw Luo glass dust so close to the animal husbandry move, but also my heart sank, look at this look. cheap nhl jerseys from china Far beyond the simple refining. cheap nhl jerseys " Jiu bird disdain.