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KC Adams and the Art of Disarming Racism

KC Adams stood before her father and wept. Despite what had been a thriving career as a visual artist, she had no exhibitions scheduled for the future. She had no ideas for new work. She feared that there was nothing left for her to do or say. She was in a deep depression and truly believed her career was over.

Fall 2015
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Feminist Horror Plots Against Patriarachy  by Alison Gillmor

Horror and feminism may seem like an unlikely pairing at first. After all, horror is a cinematic genre marked by ugly violence, menaced by masked men and packed with blonde sorority girls who run upstairs when they should be running out of the house. Then there’s the iconic image of the scary movie: the flash of a knife penetrating soft female flesh.

Viola Desmond Led Civil Rights Fight  by Evelyn C. White

Born and raised in Halifax, Viola Desmond was a successful beautician who, in 1946, challenged racial prejudice.

The Powerful Influence of Iroquois Women  by Jan Noel

The Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois, allocated a degree of importance to women which was quite singular.

About Canada: Women's Rights by Penni Mitchell
BOOK REVIEW: About Canada: Women's Rights
by Amanda Le Rougetel

Penni Mitchell’s book, About Canada: Women’s Rights, is a timely reminder of how significant women’s contributions have been to Canada’s evolution as a...

Turn Up the Volume on Media Diversity
by Joanna Chiu

As a journalist in my mid-20s, I should have plenty to feel confident about. After getting a master’s degree in journalism from an Ivy League university, I moved to China, where I worked for a national newspaper and went on to my current...

sexual harassment, sexism in media, sexual assault
Sexual Harassment as Bloodsport
by Penni Mitchell

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky was just 22 when the world learned about her sexual relationship with U.S. President Bill Clinton. Although Lewinsky and Clinton each paid a high price for the
liaison, the cost to Lewinsky was...

anti-feminist women, against feminism
Pussies Against Feminism
by Lyn Cockburn

They’re mostly well-educated, young and female, and they want us to know that they don’t need feminism.

Celebrating Female Suffrage Centennary
by Jeanne Mance, New France Hospital Administrator

Because it's 2016, the centennary of the year when many women won the vote in Canadian provinces, Herizons offers up a list of books all about the contributions women made to Canada's equality rights throughout history, from the...