Writers Guidelines


About Herizons Magazine
Herizons aims to reflect a feminist philosophy that is diverse and relevant to women's daily lives. The purpose of Herizons is to empower women; to inspire hope and foster a state of wellness that enriches women's lives; to build awareness of issues as they affect women; to foster a spirit of co operation; to promote the strength, wisdom and creativity of women; to broaden the boundaries of feminism to include building coalitions and support among other marginalized peoples; to foster peace and ecological awareness and to expand the influence of feminist principles in the world. Herizons is a non-profit organization based in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

What Herizons Publishes
Herizons' audience is a feminist readership. Articles about applying feminist principles in work, in relationships and organizations, and in social justice are welcome. Our readers are interested in health issues, social and political issues, environmental issues, equality issues, justice issues, spiritual issues; parenting issues and all issues informed by diverse racial and cultural experiences. Articles in which the writer is engaged with the material work best; personal experiences, journalism style articles, interviews, articles which bring in current research and a clear feminist perspective are all things we look for.

500 - 700 words. News items of interest to feminist readers taking place in  Canada and internationally.

1,000 - 3,000 In depth articles on feminist debates, current social/ political/legal/ culture emerging issues or personal stories with a broader social relevance. Can be interview style, essay style or journalism style. Non academic writing is preferred.

300-word book, music and film reviews; preference is given to Canadian authors, filmmakers, musicians. payment: $60

License Use:
Payment is made in Canadian funds upon publication. Articles in Herizons are licensed for first time North American rights @ .20 cents per word with an additional .5 cents per word for non-exclusive subsidiary rights, including the right to transfer articles to electronic format for educational/academic libraries and/or secure on-line database services. (Total .25 per word) Herizons reserves the right to post select articles on Herizons’ web site in order to promote the magazine.

Writers may license their work after publication in Herizons. If you relicense the material as it appeared in its final edited form, you should acknowledge Herizons as the original publisher. Any reprint or licensing fees secured by the author belong to the author alone. For reprint requests Herizons receives, the author’s permission is required; reprint fees negotiated by Herizons will be paid to the writer, minus a 30% fee. All articles reprinted will appear with the following tagline: © Author’s name, Herizons, Publication Date, Year, Volume and No.

We buy rights to photos or original artwork. $50-$300, and pay less for reprints. For unsolicited art, submit a URL to for your website. E-Mail: editor at herizons dot ca.Due to time constraints,  poetry and fiction will not be considered for publication.

Getting your Article Published
Queries should be accompanied by a brief outline/summary explaining a clear angle/thesis and how the article is suited to Herizons. Queries should be accompanied by a sample of the writer's published writing in a similar style to the proposed article. Send via email attchement is best. Allow 12 weeks for reply.

Once Articles are Accepted
Writers will provide submitted draft electronically; our preference is Microsoft word. Feature articles will typically require 3-4 drafts prior to publication.

Draft edits and revisions will be returned to the writer for approval. Articles requiring rewriting will returned to the writer to complete. Send queries or articles for consideration to:

Publishing Schedule
Articles are assigned several months in advance. The deadlines below as these are for pre-assigned articles only:

Issue/Copy Deadline for approved articles

Spring: December 1

Summer: March 1

Fall: July 1

Winter: September 1