Book, About Canada: Women's Rights, by Penni Mitchell

A History of Women's Rights in Canada, by Penni Mitchell

This accessible and engaging book introduces readers to key historic events in the movement for women’s equality in Canada. Four and a half decades after the report of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, the feminist struggle is as necessary as ever — but thanks to the efforts of activist women, many important victories have been won. Looking at women’s leadership roles throughout history, Penni Mitchell explores gender roles within First Nations societies, where women often brokered peace agreements, oversaw property and advised leaders. She takes note of Black women who fought slavery and also examines the development of Canada’s social safety net as an extension of women’s early activism. About Canada: Women’s Rights introduces readers to just some of the many women who changed Canada through their efforts to end discrimination and to promote social justice. While a few are well known, many of these women and the battles they won have been forgotten. This book aims to ensure they have a greater place in Canada’s history. Penni Mitchell is the managing editor of the feminist magazine Herizons.

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