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Indian Women Hold Pink Panty Protest
Kaj Hasselriis

When I boarded the train from Ajmer to Delhi, I sat down on the padded bench in my compartment and immediately noticed a young girl sitting across from me.

Reflections on My Women's Collective Days
Susan G. Cole

When we arrived at the relatively modest country house in Martha's Vineyard in the summer, the kitchen action was already in full gear. Women chopping, frying, talking, laughing—the scene...

Raising the Roof on Senior Women's Housing
Beverly Suek

Afew years ago, I didn’t give it a thought. Becoming a senior seemed very far away. And if that ever did happen, I have seven children and I always joked with them that I had every intention...

Mad Men, Mad Women
Joy Parks

Discussions about women and advertising have been reignited thanks to the level of unapologetic sexism portrayed in the award-winning drama Mad Men, a television series about a 1960s...

I am Ho, Hear Me Roar
Renee Bondy

I teach a course on women and friendship.

Jane Rules: Reflections on Living and on Loving
Joanne Bealy

Jane Rule was born in Plainfield, New Jersey, on March 28, 1931. After spending time in England, she moved to Canada in 1956 to teach at the University of British Columbia.